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{3 Reasons To Hire a Professional Equine Photographer}

I've been wanting to post about this for a long time and I've finally gotten around to it! We all love documenting life with our horses and I just wanted to share a few reasons why professional photoshoots are a great option.

1) Photos are timeless. From our first horse show in the pony ring to highschool senior pictures with that favorite horse, we get to relive life through the photos that we take. They get handed down to grandkids one day, connect us with people on social media, and decorate our homes. This is why I am passionate about photography and I love helping others document those memories that will last forever. A professional photoshoot allows you to enjoy your horse in the moment while leaving the camera logistics to the photographer.

2) Have you ever been stuck on finding a meaningful gift for someone? Try giving them a photoshoot! A few years ago, I took photos of my parents for their anniversary. It's something they probably would not have thought to do themselves, but now they have pictures documenting their 30+ years of marriage together that they get to enjoy for years to come. Photoshoots make a great gift for birthday, anniversary, Christmas, or just because. And who doesn't want photos with their horse? ;)

3) Horses in my mind take photos to another level. Not only are they a part of the family and for many of us a way of life, but they are also beautiful photogenic animals. So you're getting that amazing blend of both personal and artistic images. In the same breath, horses are tricky to photograph. Their behavior and body style are unique aspects that make it essential to hire a photographer to knows how to handle them and can photograph them well.

I did a photo session with my horse Dancer a few years ago and it's probably the best money I ever spent on him (aside from the buckets of stud muffins I've bought over the years lol - the kind with peppermints in the middle of course). He passed away a year ago and I am very grateful to have these photos to remember him by.


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