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Kindred Spirit

As the saying goes, a horse is a girl’s best friend :) I couldn’t think of a better time to introduce the real Kindred Spirit than during his birthday month. Dancer is my 22 year-old bay thoroughbred horse who I’ve had the joy of riding and loving on for the past 10 years. When I competed on him, I gave him the show name Kindred Spirit after one of my favorite movies, Anne of Green Gables. A Kindred Spirit is the one who gets you, understands you and stands by you - the closest of friends. Whether they are with family, friends, a couple, or a furry friend, God has blessed us with the gift of love and relationships. And so I couldn’t think of a better name for my photography business because those are the emotions and relationships I want to capture in my photos. As I write this, Dancer is happily retired grazing all day long in the pastures:

Until next time!

~Melanie :)

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